Fall Fest 2017

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Every year Sun Grove has a Fall Festival at school. This year it was held on Saturday, October 28. . We did a lot of preparation before the Fall Fest comes. People donated food and desserts to the school for the Fall Fest, with many activity booths and food selections. Additionally, there were several favorite games and a silent auction. Anand, one of our 8th graders led the popular costume parade. There was a  Cake Walk where when the music starts you would walk on number tiles. When the music would stop the person in charge would  pick a number and if it’s the number you are standing on you get a Halloween treat.

There was a bounce house and a big slide where our youngest guests played on them over and over again. Many children had fun dressing up as different characters from movies and TV shows. One of the most popular games was the “Donut Challenge”, where donuts were hung on a string and the goal was to eat the donut without using your hands . Another popular booth was the “Photo Booth” where someone would take a  picture on a camera and guests could decorate the picture frame. Last but not least, another booth that encouraged creativity was the “Pumpkin Decoration” booth. Guests chose a small pumpkin and decorated them with any art they wanted to.. Everybody that went to the Fall Fest had a lot of fun and enjoyed themselves!  




By: Tristen Shirey

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