Board of Directors

Sun Grove is a not-for-profit corporation, owned by its individual members, the parents. Sun Grove Montessori School is run by a Board of Directors, which is made up of parents dedicated to Sun Grove and the Montessori philosophy. Board meetings are held every third Thursday, once a month, at 4:00pm in the Middle School Building. All parents are invited and encouraged to attend the open session portion of our meetings. Parents or staff members may request the opportunity to address their opinion to the Board during Open Discussion. We are always looking for interested parents or community members to join our board or a board committee. After a student has attended Sun Grove for one year a parent is eligible to write a letter of intent and initiate the application process to join our board. Any parent with interest and/or expertise is eligible and encouraged to join an open board committee.

Below is the list of our current Board members, their BOD title, and the committee(s) they serve on:

    • Kara Wood, President: Executive Committee, Finance Committee
    • Michelle Sarasola, Vice President: Executive Committee, Nominating Committee, PR & Marketing Committee
    • Melissa Smith, Treasurer: Executive Committee,¬†Finance Committee, Fundraising Committee
    • TBA, Secretary: Executive Committee, Physical Plant Committee
    • Johanne Jennings: Long Range Planning Committee
    • Bill Casey: Finance Committee
    • Nick Ewen: Finance Committee
    • Heather Tubito: TBA
    • Kevin Cojanu: TBA


Below is the list of additional community members currently serving on committees:

  • Heather Merson, Laura Olson, Marisa Cage, & Karin Jones; Fundraising Committee
  • Leanna Haag, & Karin Jones; PR/Marketing Committee
  • Shauna Nobile; Long Range Planning Committee
  • Doug DiJoy, Brandon Nobile, & Stephanie Proske; Physical Plant Committee
  • Suzi Cojanu, Keara Sodano, & Pam Whigham; Grant Subcommittee
  • Jen Cuti, & Jade Cyr; Parent Ambassador Subcommittee