Building Community

  1. It is recognized that a Montessori school is more than a place of learning; it is a community of children and adults that have a significant impact on students’ capacity to learn, grow, create, develop, assimilate values, and relate peacefully and respectfully to other people and to the natural world.
  2. All students, families, teachers, and staff members will be treated with kindness, warmth, and respect.
  3. A constructive partnership between the family and school is consciously sought in support of each child’s educational development.
  4. Every member of our community has a fundamental right to be treated with respect.
  5. Primary emphasis is placed on building relationships with families as early as possible in order to help parents recognize the uniqueness of their child
  6. The experiences a child has both at home and at school in the first six years are paramount to a child’s social experience and community.
  7. Programs that stress personal development for all members of our community will be created.
  8. Parents are encouraged to participate in programs that help refine parental skills and strategies, and facilitate the development of independence, responsibility, self-respect, and self-confidence in their children.
  9. Services provided by our community members will be advertised to our community.
  10. In keeping with the commitment to a lifelong process of learning and personal growth, programs of adult classes and seminars on a variety of topics guided by community interest will be established.
  11. All members of our community, including students, parents, teachers and support staff are expected to be committed, contributing members of the community, and to show support for the rules, regulations and principles established.
  12. Team and community meetings to allow and encourage a free and open exchange of ideas and information will be held regularly.